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One-time Website Design Fee



This custom website design includes a one-time design fee of $599 and $29/monthly hosting fee to Wix. This plan has everything you need to get your business online, convert visitors into new clients, and make even more money.


Once the design is complete and you accept ownership of the site you will set up website hosting with Wix. You can choose any premium hosting plan you would like. We recommend the $29 a month plan. 


NO REFUNDS. There are no refunds. As soon as you purchase the design services and submit to us your inspection business information, we start working on designing and building your custom website. Our designers will begin working on your website immediately after you pay us and provide us your information.

The total price for all of the work set forth in the Agreement shall be five hundred and ninety-nine dollars ($599.00) USD / price of the purchase. With an additional website management fee of One hundred and twenty dollars ($120.00) USD a month to Inspector Website Builder. This price covers all work and responsibilities related to the design of the CLIENTS' custom-page Web Site inside CLIENT'S account contemplated by Inspector Website Builder (doing business as Biz Website Builder) in this Agreement. When both parties have signed this AGREEMENT, CLIENT will pay Inspector Website Builder (doing business as Biz Website Builder) by credit card for the Web Site Design. There are no refunds.

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